Kollins is a Property Investment firm dedicated to serving our clients and making sure their investment in Australian Property is safe, easy and successful. Our years of experience means that we understand our client’s values, fears and aspirations.

After 8 years of working in the Australian Property Sector, the directors established Kollins in 2013 with the aim of ensuring our international investors have access to the same advantages that privileged Australian investors have.It doesn’t matter if your property portfolio is that of a beginner or has been already established because we, at Kollins, will create a customized solution to cater perfectly to your needs. We have experience to handle clients that have just entered the business as well as those who have been part of it for numerous years and want to improve.


These businesses apply rigorous and impartial research to analyse the whole Australian property market identifying areas earmarked for long term capital growth and strong rental yields. They also evaluate each developer they work with - ensuring their financial stability, integrity and the quality of their workmanship.

Kollins selects and partners with the best of these Property Research companies to bring you the best advice and exclusive access to their recommended premium investment properties.

Before investing, meet with one of our consultant to find our how we can help make your investment in Australian property Safe, Easy and Successful.


Our directors have eight years of experience working the Australian Property Sector. In 2013 they created Kollins in order to ensure that all of our clients have the same kind of opportunities as Australian investors.

We understand that a lot of investors sense a kind of fear or hesitation when making property investments in a country they don’t necessarily know about.

Kollins is more than capable of serving any international client who is planning to enter the Australian property market. That is why our directors created Kollins. We believe in the provision of the best opportunities for our clients and help them along the way in any manner necessary.


Proper Research companies play an important role when it comes to deciding the best properties to invest in. We believe a lot in customer satisfaction. We want to provide you with the best advice. That is why Kollins partners with the more efficient property research companies in the country. Our partners help us to bring exclusive premium investment property access to our clients.


We are very proud of our heritage. Kollins emphasizes a set of values that allows our company to provide the best advice to our clients.

We believe in doing proper research and only then come forward with the perfect solution. We also focus a lot of complete customer satisfaction.

Our professionals know that a lot of our clients may experience hesitation or uncertainty when it comes to investing in real estate. We work with our clients every step of the way to ease the whole process.


We use a number of effective and reliable strategies in order to ensure that our clients have access to the best real estate investment opportunities. We work directly with the client to know what they need, and through our links with the best real estate agencies, we formulate a plan that works best for our customers.