We offer a wide variety of services in order to ensure that we fully cater to the needs of our clients. Through Kollins, you can get to know about the best real estate to invest in, receive valuable advice to grow and develop your real estate profile. To deliver on our promise of “Safe, Easy & Successful” property investment for our clients, we offer services such as Property Research and Analysis, Mortgage broking, Financial Planning, Accounting and more.

Property Research

Identifying locations that are expected to experience long term capital growth and strong rental demand.

Property Analysis

The emergence of Property Research and Advisory companies has changed the investment property landscape and our decision to engage with their services for our clients is a key factor in us ensuring your investment is safe & successful.

Property Market analyse

Applying rigorous and impartial research to analyse the whole Australian property market identifying areas earmarked for long term capital growth and strong rental yields. Evaluate developers ensuring their financial stability, integrity and the quality of their workmanship..

Professional Advise

Based on the information from the Discovery Session, your consultant will brief our Research Partners who will then select a number of Investment options。Get first pick of the properties

Mortgage Broking

Researching a wide range of lenders and continually reviewing lending policies to ensure we maximise our clients financing options.

Financial planning

Taking a holistic view of our client’s wealth creation objectives and establishing strategies to achieve their goals.

Accounting & Tax

Complying with Australian tax law and reporting requirements.
Ensuring the structure of our clients investment is tax effective
Complying with Australian tax law and reporting requirements.

Investment Property Concierge Service

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Kollins understands how tough it can be for international clients to find the best real estate opportunities in Australia. We work directly with our clients to provide them what they’re looking for.


Kollins offers an effective solution to the needs of our clients. We offer advice and consulting along with exclusive access to the best real estate opportunities in Australia to all of our clients. We make sure that you make investments that will help your profile grow.


The directors of Kollins have years of experience in the Australian Property Market.

We have a strong working relationship with the most reliable real estate agencies in Australia.

Our customer service and ethics ensure that the needs of all our clients are met. We are a registered and well-known name in the real estate market which supports the trustworthiness of our name.


The XXX System used by Kollins helps our clients make the best real estate investments that are perfect for what they need. The XXX System plays a role when it comes to finding the most promising real estate opportunities for our clients.


Kollins makes inquiries of all the investors it works with. This helps us screen out all of the investors and gain information regarding what they’re looking for. We want to find the best real estate for you and that is why we ask for information in order to work with you in the most efficient manner.