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About Kollins Property Investment

Kollins Property Investment provides a platform for Kollins Corporation to engage with its broad network of investors, from families making their first investment to regular wholesale real estate investors.

Our Strategy

We maintain close engagement with members in our broad B2B and property investor database, providing them with up-to-date and relevant news regarding our developments. From families making their first property investment to regular wholesale real estate buyers, we provide information to suit the needs and preferences of the individual.

Constant Engagement

Keeping track of our projects is simple and convenient. Downloading our “520 Property App” (available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store) allows users to browse all our ongoing development projects, view their current status, and receive push notifications when the latest updates are released.

Our Capabilities

We aim to provide a focused selection of real estate based on each individual's goals and specifications. Whether you are a regular investor looking to source new properties, or a first home owner searching for the ideal start, Kollins Property Investment can work with you to find the right property that matches your requirements.