About Us.

At Kollins Corporation, we work to enhance the value of land through redevelopment. We focus on creating affordable, high quality townhouses in and around Melbourne. Our commitment, combined with our core values, provides our clients and purchasers with high quality service and safe, secure, and successful investments. Our team has extensive experience in identifying and capitalising on opportunities, and fully understands the concerns, aspirations, and values of our clients.

Our Values

At Kollins, we care deeply about the experience for future owner-occupiers. We understand the stress and uncertainty behind purchasing off-the-plan, which is why finishing on time is our priority. Nevertheless, we do not compromise on quality – we listen to our future owner-occupiers and create the standard of living they desire.
Behind every project, we rely on our skills, reputation and relationships. If any of these are diminished, they are difficult to restore. In this sense, we are dedicated to complying fully with the letter and spirit of the law, we place great value on long term collaborative relationships, including our relationships with our consultants, contractors, staff, financiers, and purchasers.

The planning permit process is plagued by unpredictable timeframes and uncertainty. To circumvent this risk, we only purchase attractive development sites that already have approved plans and permits. We consult with planners and councils to identify and clear out any possible future issues for our plans and permits. Timeliness is extremely important to us, and we have a comprehensive time management system that helps us improve efficiency and control any potential risks.
Our development team scrutinises every potential development site. Our ability to source both on and off-market land, combined with our legal and creative network, enables us to discover and create value without friction.

Our Strategy

Our Process

To help ensure every project runs smoothly, we have direct control over our architecture team, our legal team, and our project marketing team. This level of control helps us to manage timeframes and get a comprehensive understanding of each development project we undertake. It also allows us to be very hands-on by giving our off-the-plan purchasers customized and modern home designs crafted by our architecture and design teams. Our purchasers love seeing their dreams take shape in these custom-tailored plans, and we know that it results in a true feeling of creating a home.
We also have developed strong relationships with numerous builders over the years. These strong ties help us to ensure that the project is expertly carried out and that the project timeframe is strictly adhered to on every development project.

Stay In Touch

We strongly believe in collaborative relationships. If you would like more information or have any questions, please get in touch via our Contact Us page.

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